Individual Classes


Classes are purchased in 4,5,and 6 week intervalsAt the Inn if you miss an Obedience class it does not count as one of your classes.  So if you work shift work, have a family emergency or are sick you do not loose one of your classes.  All we ask is that you notifiy the Inn if you will not be attending your class.  Your first lesson at the Inn for all dogs over 6 months of age is a private lesson to get you started.  


Cost for Classes 


Puppy 1                     $160.00

Puppy 2                     $180.00

Beginner Obedience    $180.00

Novice Obedience       $180.00

Advanced Obedience   $195.00

Rally O Class              $160.00

Fungility                     $150.00

     Scent Detection          $150.00     

                 Dock Jumping            $125.00     4 weeks 

                                                     Reactive dog             $195.00                                                      

Please call for details evaluation and private lesson is required before entering the reactive dog class.



All Class fees are subject to HST



Club Programs


Summer Season Pool Package (June 1 to August 30,2016)


Summer Open Dock  Pool Package (June 1 to August 30,2016)


Monthly Open Dock  Pool Packages 


Gold Package (Yearly Program)


Silver Package ( 6 month Program)





Our Gold and Sliver package is a yearly or 6 month fee for all sports at the Inn.  These club programs also allow you to utilize the training fields,pool and indoor training rings by appointment.   Club members are also given advanced notice of any seminars and Fundays scheduled at the Inn and discounted price to Club members. If you require boarding for your pet club fees also give you a 10% discount to board your pet.  


Included in your Gold and Silver Club Package


Obedience Classes 

Rally O Classes

Scent Class 

Dock Diving Class beginner to advanced including EV and Fetch It

Open Fungility Bi-Weekly

Open Mat times 

Open Field 

Open Barn Hunt

Open Pool

K-9 Country Inn Fundays


Discounted fees to seminars and workshops

Discounted fees for Trial entries

Discounted Boarding fees

Crate space at the Inn


 Please contact the Inn for our Season Prices.  Dock Summer Packages hit the link Below








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