Our team has gotten bigger and  been doing so well we can't keep up with all the posts so please go to to our facebook page K-9 Country Inn and or our K-9 Country Inn dog sport group on facebook to see everyones accomplishments


The K-9 Country Inn Dock competition group did awesome this weekend in Haliburton at UADC.

 Big congratulations to everyone who came out. 

Junior Jen and Bambi 2nd place 

Senior Megan and Briar 3rd place

Senior Elite Laura and Fera 1rst place

Senior Elite Megan and Molson 2nd place

Senior Elite Jen and Ivy 3rd place

Masters Stephanie and Steve with Cleo 2nd place

Carrot Fest Sophie placed 2nd in the junior Division in both her waves

Barb and Reilly placed 1st in the Novice Qualification jumps on both Fri (10'1") and Sat (13'4") at the Canada 

Dockdogs Regional Championship in Bowmanville. He won 1st place in the Novice Final on Sunday, 

with a jump of 13'7"

Austalian Cattledog Funday at the Inn!

 Disc Ivy and Jen 1st place in novice distance and accuracy on Saturday 

 3rd place in time trial 

   K-9 Country Scent Detection Seminar!   

Thanks to Karin Apfel and the SDDA for a great seminar at the Inn.  Great work everyone now on to competition 


 Jennifer Butler ,Bane and Ivy


 Bane received his Caro novice title today with scores of 198/200 and 199/200 and two 

second places and Ivy earned her second leg of her advanced title with a score of 191/200 

and a second place. 


Jennifer Butler and Ivy earned their Novice and Tital at  Dog Gone Right in Toronto   and 

earned their first leg of their advanced title placing with  two high in class ribbons!



K-9 Country Inn Flyball!   

Natasha Henlein will be giving Flyball classes at the Inn
starting in March 2015.
You can register on line and if you have any questions you can facebook message Natasha
Looking forward to seeing some fast dogs 
at the Inn!    


K-9 Country Inn Barn Hunt!


K-9 Country Inn is going to be the first Sanctioned Facility for 

Barn Hunts in Ontario

We will be offering an Introduction to Barn Hunts Seminar

On Sunday November 16th. 

Sherri Hall from MapleLane will be conducting the seminar. 

Will be offering 20 working spots $75.00 includes RIT (Rat Instinct test)

and 15 Audit spots $40.00

The Inn will providing Lunch, Coffee and Tea 
Come Have Some Fun at the Inn!            




Congratulations to megan with bryer and Molson
on achieving their Caro rally novice titles


La Villa's Blue Velvet awarded 
Best of Breed
Winners Bitch
Best of winners


Ivy placed 5th in senior
division at her first UADC competition

Willie achieved his Caro Novice Rally title!
so proud of him

October 2014 Caro Rally Trial
Bane took home one Q and a 2nd place at his first trial
And Ivy grabbed two Q's and a 1st and 3rd place

La Villa's Blue Velvet took best of breed 
at the 2014 Purina National


Rally-O Sue Riemer

Riley sitting up...on bottom left is Roxy
and to her right is Rocket. 
All finished and started their Rally Novice in one
weekend. What a hoot.


Thanks for all your help Laura couldn’t have done it
without you.



K–9 Country
Inn knows how to ‘Play for Pawtism’

August 21, 2013

Do you remember your first dog? The
one who followed you around, kept a watchful eye, begged you to play? Well, K-9
Country Inn in Alliston is helping four-year-old Caden to have that same
experience by training his service dog, Hunter.

Caden and Hunter will quickly become
best friends as the years go by.

But it’s not just a regular old
story. Caden has autism and Hunter’s job will be to help his owner feel
comfortable and safe.

“Autistic children have problems with
sensory, touch, feeling and new situations, so what we’re finding when we get
the dog with the child, it actually helps them cope with new situations,” said
Laura MacKenzie, owner of K-9 Country Inn and dog trainer. “When Caden is with
Hunter, he calms down, new situations aren’t as scary to him and if he does get
upset, he can always come back to the dog. That’s our goal; we always want him
to come back to the dog. He’s like a home base.”

Obtaining a service dog, however, is
a very expensive and costly thing, so that’s where ‘Play for Pawtism’ came from.

“Play for Pawtism was born out of my
daughter’s desire to help her nephew Caden obtain a service dog,” said Caden’s
nana, Joy Collins. “She and a group of people at K-9 Country Inn got together
and have started this fundraiser.”
Once Hunter, a two-year-old yellow,
was found, training started right away.
“Service dogs are very expensive and
to offset those costs, we have this fundraiser.  This is the very first
one, so it’s a very exciting day for us,” Collins added.
As a dog trainer,  Laura MacKenzie said she
was open to the idea of helping out Caden right away.
“Caden’s aunt and uncle belong to our
Working K-9 program and one day they were telling me about how they were
struggling finding a dog for Caden,” she said. “So I offered my services and I
started looking for a dog that would be suitable. I said if we found something,
I’ll offer my training to help Caden.
“Part of the training is the dog has
to be calm, has to sleep with Caden and has to go everywhere. That’s the
hardest process at the start.”
The event was open to all dogs and
their owners, who bought food at the barbeque and raffle tickets to help raise
money. People are also able to donate on the Play for Pawtism Facebook page.

Organizers said there were close to
100 people coming in and out throughout the day, pretty good for their first
fundraiser thus far.

“It takes a lot of time and a lot of
volunteers to do this,” MacKenzie said. “A lot of people have been helping, so
anything that will help us with equipment, time is huge. I have worked with the
autism program and we have had some puppies come to our classes.”

MacKenzie recognizes she and her team
are helping to provide a very important service and hopes to keep doing it even
after Hunter has completed his training and leaves with Caden.

“We want Caden to be able to go out
into the public, because that will only make it a better world for him. So what
we try to do is find things that Caden can do with Hunter on a sport level.”
For more information on K-9 Country
Inn and how you can get involved or donate, visit the ‘Play for Pawtism’
Facebook page.


Caden and Hunter shown with his aunt
Joy Collins and dog trainer Laura MacKenzie.

By Jeff Doner

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