The Inn offers training in detection that prepares you for SDDA and CSSDF competitions
Sporting Detection Dogs promotes the fun version of scent detection, such as for narcotics, bed bugs or explosives. Sport Detection however, uses legal scents that are easily purchased and stored by the average person.
The dog must locate a hidden target scent and alert the handler to its location. It is intended to promote confidence in the dog and provide intense mental stimulation. It is also intended to promote a positive, trusting relationship between owner and dog given that the owner must learn to trust in the dog's superior scenting ability and also to read the subtleties of canine body language

The Inn will be offering a series of Workshops, classes and trials.

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This fun sport teaches your dog to use his/her nose to find a specific scent or odor on cue, and then indicate that they have found it. This is a great opportunity for your dog to have fun, build confidence, and burn lots of physical and mental energy. Letís find out just how good your dogís nose is!


Beginner Scent Detection Class 
Mondays  7-8 
Cost is $150.00 Plus HST 

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