Newf Friends Newfoundland Dog Rescue would like to say a huge thank you to K-9 Country Inn for boarding and training Willie and Katie. Both dogs were in our adoption program but unable to live with other dogs. We did not have any fosters who had the skill set to work through their dog aggression/reactive issues so our only option was to kennel them. Laura and Jennifer worked with Katie and Willie daily on the behavioural issues which were preventing them from being easily adoptable. They also welcomed our volunteers to work with Katie and Willie during obedience classes.

After a few months at the Inn Katie was able to move into a foster home and successfully live with other dogs. Shortly thereafter she joined a fantastic family who use her new obedience skills to put her to "work" on the farm. She now spends her days happily tending to the horses and cows with her mom.

Willie, with Jen's assistance, earned his CARO Rally-O title and found himself an awesome home with a family who are just as interested in obedience work as he is. Each day Willie starts off with a swim in his own inground pool and then goes for several walks around his neighbourhood. He and his dad spend time each day practicing his obedience skills as well as having swimming races in the pool. Willie no longer reacts to other dogs and has shown himself to be a perfect gentleman in his new home, except for a little counter surfing - who could resist a peach pie!!


K-9 Country Inn is a God send.  Laura has allowed our family the peace of mind to vacation freely and not worry about our 2 Cane Corso's well being.  A big concern for my family was where to leave our two puppies since we travel frequently and sporadically.  However, this is no longer the case for us because Laura always provides a warm, caring and safe environment where we can leave our puppies. 

Teo and Gaia, both large Cane Corsos, adore Laura and Jen.  When it is time for pick up both dogs run into her van and don't look back.  Her facility is large, open, clean and safe.

 The dogs get plenty of exercise and attention.  They are well cared for and loved. Laura and Jenn always keep in contact with me while we are away and constantly update me by sending me pictures of my puppies. They are never too busy to talk to me should I have any concerns.  K-9's expertise and advice is never far away and there have been plenty of times where I have called Laura for advice and she is always available and eager to help. Our puppies are a big part of my family and K-9 understands that.  I trust Laura and Jen at K-9 implicitly and will only use their facilities for my puppies.


Teresa Trichilo




Thank you does not seem to be enough for what you have done for my family, me and mostly Belle.  Belle is our dog who our previous trainer had given up on.  She is a Cane Corso who had fears of everyone especially men and she was showing aggression towards other dogs.  The aggression started more after an attack on her by another dog.  Needless to say I could not handle her any longer while taking her for a walk.  My fear was that Belle would bite out of fear.  We have seen big changes in Belle after six weeks of training and now after five months Belle is awesome on walks and Laura and Tony have given me the confidence and training techniques to believe in our beautiful Belle.  Thank you again from our hearts!


Colleen Fitzgerald


Hi Laura


I thought I should send you a quick email regarding the class today.  It was great!  Tundra (Belgian Malinois, who you first met at the beginning of Feb) and I both get so much out of your classes, so thank you.  I actually had a bit of an ‘ah ha’ moment today, when you brought out the 3 chairs and talked about give the command / wait for the action / make the action happen.  I realized that I DO put pressure on Tundra as soon as I say the command versus waiting for him to do what I have asked him to do.  For the rest of the class, I said the command and waited, and lo-and-behold….he does know how to sit, front, down!!  (not always, and not perfect, but more than I give him credit for).  Anyway, just want to say I learn so much from your class and look forward to it every week.  Tundra is a work-in-progress no doubt, but also no comparison to where we were a couple of months ago.


Thanks much – have a great week!

Janice Tayles


My experience at K-9 Country Inn has been wonderful thus far.


I am currently a service dog handler and have experience with working with dogs. My German shepherd named Arkay came into my life August 2013. I had the ambition to train him, but needed further guidance to help direct Arkay and I’s relationship and training down the right path. That is where Laura Mackenzie tdcame along. Initially, I was referred to their service by a member of K-9 Country Inn after being discouraged by several other service dog organizations, one of which told me that I only had a twenty-five percent chance of success.

Soon after discovering K-9 Country Inn, Arkay and I began training. The staffers were incredibly compassionate, including Laura and Jen, and were sensitive to my disability (PTSD, also known as Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder) and were quick to accommodate me, even with my mobility, anxiety, and severe depression problems that plague those with the disability.

I am forever grateful for their acceptance and understanding of someone who was eager to learn, and because they were able to help me, I have not only been given a new purpose in life, but have helped a dog to fulfill his with the utmost success, as well. The experience and training, under the guidance of K-9 Country Inn, with Arkay has allowed me to venture out into society again and tackle daily tasks with a newfound confidence.

 I can’t thank K-9 Country Inn enough for helping me turn my life around! (And Arkay’s too.)



Brittni and Arkay


We wanted to thank Laura MacKenzie at the K-9 Country Inn.

Having Bella, a Belgian Malinois, join our household at the age of 10weeks, we had no idea the challenge we were about to face.
Fortunate for us, we found Laura and she showed us the tools to train Bella.  With the assistance of Laura, and I have to also give credit to Jen as
well, our lives have been made much more enjoyable!  You guys are awesome! Bella has become such a great addition to our “pack”.
You guys are a class act! I would highly recommend the K-9 Country Inn to anyone who owns a dog at any age!!!!!

Thank you!

The D’Ercole Family…..and Bella (6 months) and Dexter (3 year old Yorkie)


Hi Laura!

Just a quick note to thank you for the work you did with Scout and my wife and I last summer. He was a complete unruly handful of a border collie when we brought him to you but after we started doing the things you showed us he transformed into a real sweetie. I never would have thought that private lessons would be as effective as they turned out to be but now I am a believer. I think the turning point for Scout (yes and for us) was the lesson when you addressed his loose leash walking. He was a strong puller and when you had him walking nicely beside you after 5 minutes we learned that the problem was us, not Scout, after that we were able to believe that he could in fact be trained to be the good dog we wanted.  We had a whole different outlook towards him.


You just can't get that kind of hands on lesson and demonstration at a group class.

Thank you,

Jo and Scout




Dear ABC Mentor Trainer,


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